The making of a Sword


A sword is made of blood and grit and grime. Its made of things burnt to ashes. you take this blood and grit and grime and tooth and nail and bone, and ashes, and spit and you put them in a crucible. you put them in a crucible of skin and clay. and from there you apply pressure, pounds of pressure, tons of it. you heat this crucible in the fires of sin until its glowing red hot with faults. Let it cool down now, down now before it burns you. Flick it and the clay will flake away. Molten steel is what you have. Glowing with impurities glowing ominous. They must be beaten out. Hammered repeatedly with flying sparks. Beat the steel, hear it clang. heat the steel, hear its pang. Beat the steel until sparks fly no more. and now you have the makings of a sword.


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